Jiaxing CLP new energy co., LTD(ZDEG)---Provide original type solar lighting solution,Founded in2007Years,Is committed to solar energyLEDLighting、Research and development、The design and promotion。Specifically designed to extract from the company,To the perfection of management and service,As more users provide a full range of lighting solutions。We think in a new world,Standing in the industry leading level,Promote the intelligent lighting a new career!ZDEGWith the world100Many countries and regions in strategic alliance partners,Closer listen to user requirements,Collected from the world of inspiration and strength,From all aspects of the close to human needs,Improve the user experience,Let the life simple and light。

  • Away from the brightness of human body30%
  • Close to the brightness of human body100%
  • Infrared intelligent induction,Dates back to continue
  • 1Is helpful,No less limitation
  • 2000000-00-0-0-0-020Degrees,Change is not only the point of view,Is over
  • 3The best Angle adjustment,A broader meet the needs of customers in different areas

Professional phosphate lithium battery,Life is up to8Years of above

Import solar module,With high quality and efficiency

Philips lamp bead,Super high retention rate

Large heat dissipation,Stay away from high temperature

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